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Energy petroleum Gambia Limited mainly operates in The Gambia, and it stands as a non-operator partner to join venture with an international partner to participate in The Gambia's first bidding round to explore and develop the country's offshore deep-water hydrocarbon resources within a highly professional consortium.

The main business activities are to include the following:
1. Offshore exploration and drilling;
2. Field development;
3. Facility and pipeline construction;
4. Production of fossil fuels
5. Transport and marketing of hydrocarbons.

In conducting its activities, EPG shall take every possible measure along with its partners, contractors and staff, to pursue sustainable growth of its business in a socially responsible, ethical manner, through developing its existing partnerships as well as its human resources, which are to become its most valuable asset.

EPG shall benefit from the technical and organizational know-how of its partners to ensure that projects and facilities are professionally built and operated.

About Us

Energy petroleum Gambia Ltd is an upstream oil and
gas company which has been
incorporated in
the Republic of the Gambia.
Offshore The Gambia is believed to
have sizable
hydrocarbon resources.

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TEL: 002204460002
E-mail: energypetroleumgambia@gmail.com