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Community Benefits

Creating opportunities

Energy petroleum Gambia Ltd is building a team of highly professional Gambian and international experts who are being carefully recruited and who shall be trained by its international partners. It is a team which certainly has the will to succeed and to commit:

- The will to succeed in running a profitable business operation exceeding the expectations of shareholders, partners and customers; and
- The will to commit to protecting Gambia's environment, and providing endless opportunities to the Gambian people, and actively contributing to the country's social and economic development.

Talent and Career development

Energy Petroleum Gambia Ltd shall benefit from the technical and organizational know-how of its partners to develop and train its technical and operational staff, particularly Gambian nationals.
The company offers equal opportunities to all applicants within the laws and guidelines of the industry.

About Us

Energy petroleum Gambia Ltd is an upstream oil and
gas company which has been
incorporated in
the Republic of the Gambia.
Offshore The Gambia is believed to
have sizable
hydrocarbon resources.

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Contact Us

TEL: 002204460002
E-mail: energypetroleumgambia@gmail.com